Similitudes entre Nathan de Grey’s Anatomy y Jack de Virgin River

Similitudes entre Nathan de Grey's Anatomy y Jack de Virgin River

The themes of Grey’s Anatomy Y Virgin River they are not far apart. Both touch on important topics such as relationship problems, grief and its stages, gestational losses and love at any age. Martin Henderson gave life to fundamental characters within these stories as they are Nathan de Grey’s Anatomy Y Jack de Virgin River. The series of Netflix based on the books of Robin Carr is at a peak of popularity and many recognize the actor for his past in the Hospital Grey Sloan.

The actor revealed that his early years in Hollywood they were very difficult. Henderson maintained a great friendship with the deceased Heath Ledger. His friend’s success motivated him to continue his career in the United States. Henderson confessed that Ledger helped him financially with money he earned thanks to his participation in the film The patriot.

Nathan de Grey’s Anatomy y Jack de Virgin River

Success finally came. For two years the actor participated in Grey’s Anatomy, where he personified Nathan. In a story similar to that of Virgin River, Nathan Riggs is a cardiothoracic surgeon who begins a relationship with the doctor Meredith Grey. Everything is complicated with the arrival of an ex-partner of the doctor with whom he finally decides to go live.

Nathan and Jack have a military past. The character of Virgin River he suffered greatly from the consequences of his service as a Marine while Nathan worked in the Middle East. What did the actor say about his role as Jack ?: “It’s romantically refreshing. Especially in this age where television and streaming tend towards darker and more sinister content. When I read this I like to play someone who is whole. People want kindness. It feels an honor to bring that home. ”

Nathan y Jack they fall in love with women who work in the health area. Meredith Grey rose in the Hospital Grey Sloan to become a respected doctor. While Mel de Virgin River She is a nurse. That knowledge surely served him to take care of Jack in his recovery after being shot.

Both Henderson characters have a mysterious romantic past that is revealed as the episodes go by. Riggs’ ex-wife appears to win him back, while in Virgin River the actor confessed “have spit out the coffee” when he found out that Jack he had an ex-wife. “How did we not know that?”asked the interpreter. “How did he not share it with his partner Mel?” Surprise!

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