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Simple Tips on Writing Essays about Marketing

Like every other topic, you may find it challenging to write a marketing essay. Apart from meeting all the essay requirements, you also have to get credible sources for the information you use in your essay and to convey your message. This is the uphill task you have to face to write an essay about marketing if you choose not to outsource the essay. However, the following tips help to make it more achievable: 

Analyze the topic

The starting point of your writing is to understand the topic. You must know everything about the concept you’re writing about. You must also analyze the marketing topic you choose to write about thoroughly and determine what’s required of you. Look for keywords, what they mean and how to use them. The topic may require you to analyze, compare, contrast, define, explain, etc. 

It may help if you’re the one choosing the topic by yourself. Ensure it relates to what you’re treating in the classroom. To do this, these are some questions you should ask yourself:

These are some basic questions you should answer before writing about any topic.

Create your thesis statement

Creating a thesis statement is the next step in writing your marketing essay. Your thesis statement is a roadmap showing the direction of your essay. It guides your writing and prevents you from including redundant or unnecessary information in the essay. Learn about the topic, look for sources on the net, read different perspectives, and take notes. 

Afterward, narrow down your list of marketing concepts and conclude on the most powerful one. If brainstorming for ideas doesn’t work, use other mapping, freewriting, and clustering methods to find out what to write about. 

Research frameworks

The most compelling essays rely on known and widely accepted theories, including marketing. An ideal step to approach an essay in a field is to consider the logical frameworks given by experts. So, if you’re writing about digital marketing, you’ll have to use some existing theories in digital marketing. 

Marketing as a field thrives on statistics, so you may need to seek professional statistics project help at some point in the essay. You should also consider checking the corporations operating in the industry and analyzing their position, influence, and sales in the market. However, it’s impossible to build marketplace advantages, tactics and influence without applying some existing theories. These are the same theories you need to look for to write your essays. 

Once you’ve been able to craft your thesis statement and have listed several useful sources, you can create an outline for your essay. This outline is the map or plan for your essay, and it ensures your work is more organized and accurate. There’s no established way to create an outline, so you can do it how you see fit. 

Check case studies

Many people need motivation before they start work on an essay, but you need more motivation for something as difficult as a marketing essay. Even when you have a clear structure, you still need to be convincing in the way you write. The struggle to write convincingly may cause writer’s block, making you even more disoriented. So it may be helpful to look for similar case studies to read and analyze to get the logic and language of the writer. Evaluate the content to be sure it’s compelling. 

Draft your paper

There’s not much to say about drafting your paper. It is like making a rough sketch of the essay. Do it without minding the grammar, typo or punctuation mistakes in it. The goal is to write the essay quickly and take a break from it. You can set a time to draft different essay sections and take a break after you’re done with the first version. Take a few hours off and sleep on it if there’s enough time. 

Edit your essay

After creating your final draft for the marketing essay, read it carefully. Look for its errors, and pick out other things that aren’t clear in terms of logic and vocabulary. Do everything you can to improve the quality of the essay and make it submission-ready. You may also consider using apps and software such as Hemingway Editor and Grammarly to improve the readability and persuasiveness of your essay. Afterward, give it to someone else to read and proofread it on your behalf. It is easier for a third party to spot mistakes in your article than you can. 


In many ways, writing and marketing are related because you need outstanding writing to market impressively. If you’re writing a marketing essay, ensure to go through the tips in this article to help your process. 

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