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Sinead Meader, the nutritionist who tells what it is like to live in an isolated town with just 90 inhabitants

Beaver Creek is a small community located between the border of Canada and Alaska that only has 90 inhabitants, thus becoming, practically, a ghost town. Sinead Meader, who lives there, became a trend in TikTok by revealing how he goes about buying food, obtaining natural resources, etc.

Meader, who works as a nutritionist, comments in his viral videos that the closest town to Beaver Creek is Whitehorse at 338 miles (more than 540 kilometers). This is where you usually have to travel every five to eight weeks to buy a range of fresh foods so you can keep them.

This road trip, due to the great distance, takes him about ten hours, taking into account the round trip, which supposes an additional cost in fuel for his car, making his life more difficult in his beloved Beaver Creek.

Although they have a school, a club and a small health network, Beaver Creek does not have an emergency hospital, forcing the inhabitants to have to travel to Whitehorse, where there is a large health chain willing to treat more complex diseases .

Being a very small city with few inhabitants, the houses do not have addresses on their façade, so all the correspondence goes to a post office and each person must go to pick up what has arrived.

As if that were not enough, in winter there is practically no day. And, due to its geographical location, there is only sunlight for five hours.

These videos are uploaded to the account of TikTok from , which already has more than 68 thousand followers, who have shown their interest in Beaver Creek, an almost ghost town, cold and far from the comforts that people normally have in their daily lives.

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