Singer Rommy Marcovich, wife of the man who caused damage to the Miraflores building, denounced him several times

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This week, a man destroyed the entrance of the building where he lives because he was not allowed to enter with his sister-in-law. The subject, identified as Henry Huamán Rodríguez, did not notify by mail that he would take a visit to his apartment, as stipulated by the rules of his residence located in Miraflores.

The aforementioned subject tried to access with his sister-in-law, but when he was denied admission, he began to kick and break everything in his environment.

Faced with this situation, the program “Magaly TV: La Firme” revealed that this man is the husband of the singer Rommy Marcovich.

The Peruvian artist denounced Henry Huamán Rodríguez more than 10 times for physical and psychological violence, but both continue to live together in the Miraflores building, a place where the man carried out destruction under the eyes of security members.

Finally, a reporter from Magaly Medina’s program contacted the married couple and they indicated that they received therapy to manage their family problems.

“There was a misunderstanding (of the complaint), but I am already taking that very apart. No (he attacked him), it was a misunderstanding, it was not aggression, it was an argument we had ”, explained the singer Rommy Marcovich for “Magaly TV: La Firme”.

“We have had a disagreement as it could have happened to you or anyone else. We have taken psychological therapies to be able to improve all the family environments that happen to all of us in life ”, Henry Huamán intervened.

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