Sinister 3: A Look at the Uncertain Fate of the Horror Franchise

By: Thomas Blade

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Sinister 3

Horror movies have a different fanbase. People love to get their adrenaline rush by watching the most horrific scenes. It gives them the pleasure of being alive and lucky. If you are also a fan of horror movies, then you must have heard of the sinister film. It has achieved great appreciation from the people. Not only the horror niche lovers but also other people like the movie and praise the whole team. 

Well, the two parts of the sinister movie have already been released. The movie has had a great response, and now people are demanding this third sequel. There are many rumors regarding the third sequel of the sinister film, whether it will come or not, and who will be in the movie’s cast. Let us know more about the sinister movie and the probability of its third part. 

Sinister Movie

The sinister movie has created havoc in the market from day one. People are curious to know the end of the story. However, just like in every other film, people make predictions about the story or the theme line. But they get the unexpected and most horrific twists and turns in the future. Yes, this is the beauty of the sinister movie.

The first season of the franchise comes on 12 October 2012. The movie premiere was held in the United States of America. The sinister first part was 109 minutes long. Every minute of the movie was set to make you scream. In movie theaters, people were set off from their seats whenever they saw a horror scene. The movie’s overall rating was 6.2/10, which was given by rotten tomatoes. According to IMDB, the film has got 6.8/10. 

Jason Blum produced the supernatural thriller. C. Robert Kargill and Scott Darikson wrote the story of the movie. The whole film revolves around the same person, Ellison Oswalt. The procrastinator of the story has found that in the attics of his house, a murder has been committed. He is on the verge of finding out the real cause of the murder. 

He has opened the portals of another world in his house. Along with this, he has also put his family’s life in danger. 

Sinister Three?

Everyone in the country is eager to know the answer to this question. Well, the media and other sinister movie lovers are predicting every possible scenario for the movie. Of Course, they want to get the answer positive, but they still need clarification about the sinister three. Whether the sinister there is ever happening or not, no one is clear about it til now. 

When the question comes to the sinister last movie sequels, there is no doubt that it has positively impacted the market. People love to watch the new horror franchise as it has given people a new horror concept. The budget for the movie was estimated to be 7 million dollars. As the film hit the floor, the sinister movie earned 77 million dollars domestically and worldwide. 

Just after the first movie hits the floor, the film has an incredible collection. After the first sequel, people’s expectations of the movie increased. They want to see more of the original content. 

Expectations From Sinister 2

The fan’s expectations have increased after the first part hits the floor. They are expecting more horror content and fresh new content. The second part of the sinister hit the floor in 2015. However, when the second part of the sinister series hits the floor, it shatters all the viewers’ expectations. 

The second part of the sinister movie does not reach the expected level of the fans. After the success of the first part, people were expecting more from the film. But unfortunately, the writers could not hit the exact level of expectations in the second part. He has received so many negative reviews for the movie. The audience was disappointed with the writers. 

Along with the negative comments it has raised in the theaters. The movie was made with a 10 million dollar budget. After its release on all platforms, it has successfully scored only 27 million dollars worldwide. As per the critics of the second movie, the second part of the sinister was not scary. It was not giving the people the adrenaline rush, thus leading to the flop in theaters. 

Probability For The Sinister 3

After the second part of the sinister movie crash, producers are terrified of releasing the third part of the movie. When the second part of the sinister movie received negative reviews from the people, writers and producers even apologized to fans. 

They said they were sorry the movie had not been up to the mark per the people’s expectations. About the sinister part there, they said that they are now afraid to bring the third part to the public because of the past bad experience. What if the fans did not like the third part of the movie and again failed to meet the people’s expectations? 

In an interview with the writers and producers of sinister, reporters denied it when they asked about the probability of a third party. They said that fans were already disappointed with the movie’s second part. Now if they release the third sequel of the film, then no one will go to the theaters to entertain it. Thus removing the third pair will be a waste. 

However, there is also a probability that they will enter the horror business again while taking the main story of sinister forward. They will collaborate with the insidious and form a hybrid with the movie. But there is no such confirmation of the act from the writers. It is just the probability. However, people still hope to see their favorite franchise again. 


Well, there has yet to be a present confirmation about the third sequel of the sinister franchise. People want to see their favorite movie sequels, but because of the drastic reviews from the second part, the writers are afraid to bring their new idea to the floor.

There are chances that they could be a hybrid with the insidious movie, but still, there needs to be a confirmation about the project. We will let you know in the article if there are any updates regarding the new sequel. 

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