Sir Jeffrey Donaldson Criticizes Party Members for Infighting

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Sir Jeffrey Donaldson, the leader of the Democratic Unionist Party (DUP), has expressed his frustration with party members for engaging in infighting and called for greater unity among unionist parties. In a letter to party members, Donaldson emphasized the importance of working together to defend the union and address the challenges facing Northern Ireland.

Donaldson highlighted the concerns of grassroots unionists who are tired of the divisions and bickering between unionist parties. He acknowledged that while there may be disagreements on tactics, there is common ground on major issues related to the union. He urged his fellow unionists to set aside labels and focus on promoting the Union of the UK.

The DUP leader’s comments come in the midst of a leadership contest within the party, with Donaldson and Edwin Poots vying for the position of party leader and first minister of Northern Ireland. The contest has highlighted divisions within the party and the need for greater unity.

Donaldson also addressed the ongoing issue of the Northern Ireland Protocol, expressing his concerns and stating that he expects a definitive response from the government soon. He emphasized the need to resolve the problems caused by the protocol and protect the interests of Northern Ireland.

Overall, Donaldson’s message to party members is clear: it is time to put aside differences and work together to defend the union and address the challenges facing Northern Ireland.

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