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'Sister Wives' Mykelti Brown Explains Why She's Leaving Christine

‘Sister Wives’ Mykelti Brown Explains Why She’s Leaving Christine

Lately, Mykelti Brown and her husband, Tony Padron, stars of the show “Sister Wives,” have been discussing a big move to North Carolina. Initially, they didn’t give much away about why they were leaving Utah. However, they’ve now revealed their reasons, including why they’ll be leaving Christine Brown Woolley behind.

While the new season of “Sister Wives” hasn’t been released yet, Mykelti and Tony always have some updates to share with their fans. Christine Brown Woolley returned to Utah after her split from Kody Brown to be closer to her family. But now, Mykelti is sharing her excitement about starting anew in North Carolina with Tony. She also touches on why she’s leaving her mom, Christine, behind.

Mykelti Brown Padron and Tony Padron provide updates to their paying fans on Patreon. Some fans share this information on platforms like Reddit, sparking discussions among other viewers. For instance, one Reddit user posted, “Mykelti and Tony’s move to NC – Janelle lives there?” The user shared that Mykelti said they are moving to their new place next Wednesday. They haven’t sold their house in Utah yet but have had one offer, which they countered, but it wasn’t accepted. The post also shared why Mykelti and Tony are moving away from Christine.

Tony has landed his dream job teaching chess, and Mykelti’s sales job allows her to work remotely. These job opportunities are significant drivers for their move. Mykelti also shared that she’s been facing some personal issues she’s not ready to discuss yet, hoping the move will help alleviate these problems. She mentioned that they originally moved near Christine to support her after she left Kody, but now Christine has plenty of support and doesn’t need them to stay. Mykelti also expressed a desire for more independence and to run her life her own way, away from family drama.

One fan commented, “I find Mykelti saying ‘getting away from the drama’ hilarious. She seems to be happy to opine and stir the pot every time she opens her mouth.” Another wondered, “True, but it’s possible she’s realized she doesn’t want to participate anymore. It’s easy to get so wrapped up in drama and bullsh*t that you get blind to your own role in it.” Some fans defended Mykelti, with one stating, “Yes, this shows she is still the same immature Mykelti. She is the cause of drama. She can say she doesn’t want drama all she wants, but anyone can say anything. Actions speak louder than words.”

Moving to North Carolina also means that Mykelti and Tony will be closer to Maddie Brown Brush. The Redditor noted, “While they will live a few hours from Maddie, they are still excited that their kids will have more chances to see each other and be around each other.” Mykelti mentioned that she doesn’t expect her other siblings to have children soon, so it will be nice for her kids to be around their cousins. Another of David’s kids is also moving, so Mykelti’s kids won’t have them to play with anymore either. This move also led Tony to reveal some information about Janelle moving. Mykelti has also been selling Plexus with Christine, Maddie, and Janelle, which might explain her sales job reference.

Fans on Reddit keep each other updated on Mykelti Brown’s move. After summarizing Mykelti’s Patreon discussion, several users expressed surprise about Janelle’s move and touched on various points. One user speculated, “When I read about her going through personal stuff, my mind went straight to her relationship with Kody & Robyn and now realizing the role they played in destroying the family. She may be waking up (and hopefully growing up) and this will give her more space.” Another added, “I hope so for her own mental health! Maybe that’s why she’s decided to get a new job, getting away from all of the SW drama. Good for her if so.”

What do you think about Mykelti Brown Padron’s reason for leaving Christine Brown Woolley behind? Do you think she feels neglected by Christine or just doesn’t think she needs to be close by? Are you ready to see new episodes of “Sister Wives”? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

Source: Reddit