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'Sister Wives' Star Christine Brown Subtly Disses Ex Kody in Video With New Husband

‘Sister Wives’ Star Christine Brown Subtly Disses Ex Kody in Video With New Husband

Christine Brown isn’t letting it go. The 52-year-old Sister Wives star took to Instagram on Tuesday, sharing videos and photos of herself and her husband, David Woolley, eating nachos together.

“He likes the way I eat nachos❤️,” Christine captioned the post.

While the act itself might seem innocent, fans of Sister Wives will understand Christine’s subtle dig at her ex, Kody Brown.

In one clip, she and David are eating nachos for breakfast as Christine explains the significance of their meal.

“We’re at the gas station where I ate nachos infamously years ago,” Christine said, noting it was 6 a.m.

David seems happy both with the untraditional breakfast and the company.

In the family’s memoir, Becoming Sister Wives, Kody expressed his disgust over his wife after he witnessed her eating nachos.

“Looking back, I hate myself for the thoughts I had at that moment, but the sight of this chubby girl in my car devouring chili cheese nachos for breakfast put the brakes on our relationship. It brought out the most superficial and shallowest side of me,” Kody wrote at the time. “I still liked her — in fact, I liked her very much — but the nacho experience cooled my attraction a little — well, a lot.”

This isn’t the first time Christine has referenced the nacho comment. Back in April 2023, she and David once again noshed on nachos as her then-future-husband got in on the fun.

“Happy Birthday! I love eating nachos with you, My Queen! #myqueen #christinebrown #soulmate #nachoslive,” David captioned a series of selfies that feature him, Christine and a large plate of nachos.

“Thanks for the fun nacho date love! I feel blessed to have someone to laugh with! #nachos #nachoslive #simplethings #simpledate #iloveyou,” Christine captioned her own post.

Some fans weren’t impressed by the new post, with one writing, “Put it to rest. It’s getting old.”

However, another commented, “It will never get old,” to which Christine replied with a laughing, crying emoji.

Another said that Christine should make it an annual tradition, to which she replied, “right???!!!”

Christine was the first of Kody’s wives to announce her decision to leave the polygamist and end their 25-year spiritual marriage. The exes share six kids together. Janelle Brown followed suit in 2022, separating from Kody, and Meri Brown split from Kody in early 2023. His only remaining relationship is with his wife, Robyn Brown.

Janelle Brown, Christine Brown, Kody Brown, Meri Brown, and Robyn Brown promote Sister Wives in 2010.

Gabe Ginsberg/Getty Images

Christine recently reunited with her friend and former sister wife, Janelle, for some family time that the TLC star called “so needed.”

“We got to spend the day together and it was SO needed! Incredibly grateful for family. ❤️ #family #familyforlife #familyforever❤️” Christine captioned the post.

In November 2023, Christine and Janelle spoke with ET about where they stand with their ex.

“Well, I don’t stand with Kody. I flat don’t,” Christine told ET at the time.

Source: Entertainment Tonight, Getty Images