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‘Sister Wives’: Why Janelle Brown Got Double the Space in Lehi

Recently, Sister Wives fans have revisited past seasons, focusing on housing arrangements from the show’s first season. A point of interest has emerged regarding why Janelle Brown had a significantly larger portion of the home compared to Christine Brown Woolley and Meri Brown.

During the first season, the Brown family resided in a large home in Lehi, designed specifically for a plural family. This sprawling home featured 6000 square feet, divided into three "apartment-style" units, each with its own entrance, kitchen, laundry room, and master bedroom. Janelle’s section included a notably large 800-square-foot kitchen, which served as a hub for family gatherings. At that time, Robyn Brown and her children had not yet joined the family.

Janelle occupied the entire left side of the home, whereas Meri and Christine split the right side by levels. This arrangement allowed each wife to maintain a degree of autonomy while also facilitating collective child-rearing efforts. However, fans are now questioning why Janelle had such a larger area of the home.

A Reddit post brought up the topic, asking, “Why did Janelle have 2x the sqft as Christine in Lehi?” The post elaborates on Janelle having an entire half of the house while Meri and Christine shared the other half. Notably, Janelle’s side included both an upstairs and a downstairs, which housed her and her six children.

Fans on Reddit had mixed reactions. Some questioned the claim, saying they didn’t believe Janelle’s section was half of the house or double the square footage:

  • “I don’t think it was twice the square footage or half the house? Where is this info from?”
  • “If you believe their graphic and compare to the outside, Janelle’s section looks more like ⅓. But we know from Coyote Pass the show’s graphics aren’t reliable.”
  • “Janelle didn’t have half of the house.”

Additional responses noted that the left side of the house wasn’t necessarily equal in size to the right side. They mentioned that Janelle’s portion didn’t include the middle section of the house, thus, it only appeared larger due to its layout.

Some fans provided reasons to justify the larger space for Janelle:

  • “I believe Janelle actually owned the house (used her retirement money to buy it or something along those lines), and so she got the biggest of the 3 living spaces.”
  • “When they first split up the house, Janelle had the most kids (6) to Christine’s then 5. They didn’t know she’d have another at that point. And, yeah, it’s only a one-kid difference, but as stated above, there wasn’t really any other way to split it.”
  • “I recall it was explained as Janelle had more kids and they were older. Also, it was Janelle who made buying that house possible. Furthermore, Janelle didn’t originally follow them to Utah. She was happy with her job. Kody, finding this house, encouraged her to come back to the family.”

Other fans noted that Janelle’s side of the home was an addition to the existing units that Christine and Meri occupied. They asserted that the left side didn’t cover half of the total square footage:

  • “Janelle’s portion didn’t include any of the middle section of the house, it was just the left side so it wasn’t half.”
  • “They all had three bedrooms so it really just different sizes because of the layout. Janelle’s was kitchen/living room upstairs and bedrooms downstairs while the other two apts were all one floor and same layout. The home was obviously built for a three-wife family, perhaps the original builder intended Janelle’s space to be like a main wife space, like a primary apt.”
  • “The house isn’t original. It was added on to.”
  • “Where are you getting 2x the sqft from?”

While there are many theories, the exact reason for Janelle’s larger living space in Lehi remains unclear. This topic continues to provoke discussion among Sister Wives fans as they delve back into earlier seasons and evaluate the dynamics of the Brown family’s living arrangements.

Source: TVShowsAce