Six women sue Tesla for its culture of sexual harassment

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Washington, Dec 14 (EFE) .- Six women filed lawsuits in California (USA) on Tuesday against the manufacturer of luxury electric vehicles Tesla, which they accused of promoting a culture of sexual harassment in the assembly plant that has in the town of Fremont, in the same state.

The Washington Post reported that the six women held positions at the company’s assembly plant or service center in Fremont, all of whom accused their male colleagues of sexual harassment.

In some cases, when they denounced the behavior of their colleagues, female employees claim that they were transferred from their jobs to other positions. Several of them reported that they suffered depression and anxiety as a result of the alleged harassment.

In November, another Fremont employee filed a lawsuit against Tesla for the same reasons, accusing the company of fostering a climate of sexual harassment at the assembly plant.

According to the plaintiff in that case, Jessica Barraza, her colleagues made vulgar comments about her physique and she even suffered touching.

Barraza reported the situation to Tesla’s Human Resources department, but according to his complaint, the company did not act against the alleged perpetrators of the harassment.

Following Barraza’s lawsuit, the Johnson Fistel law firm, which is unrelated to the allegations filed so far against Tesla, said in a statement that it is investigating lawsuits against “some executives and directors” of Tesla.

The firm noted that Tesla shareholders can have a legal case so that the company does not suffer consequences by holding “company executives and directors” personally liable for “alleged damage caused.”

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The law firm also indicated that shareholders “can help reform the company’s corporate governance to prevent future misconduct.”

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