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Skilla Baby Rejects Eminem as Detroit’s Top Rapper

Skilla Baby recently dismissed the notion that Eminem is the best rapper from Detroit.

On a recent episode of Keke Palmer’s podcast, Baby, This is Keke Palmer, which premiered on Tuesday (July 2) on YouTube, guest Skilla Baby rejected the notion that Eminem is Detroit’s best rapper. At the 45-minute mark of the episode, the 2024 XXL Freshman was answering questions during Keke’s “But the Gag Is” segment.

When Keke asked Skilla the question: “The best Detroit rapper is Eminem, but the gag is…,” the Motor City rhymer gave a straight-forward answer.

“I don’t know because if you think number-wise Eminem is the best Detroit rapper,” Skilla said. “But the gag is nobody would say that in Detroit.”

Shocked by his comment, Keke yelled, “Now that’s tea, boo!”

The actress-singer then asked Skilla who he would consider the top rappers in Detroit.

“I don’t know because everybody had their turn being Detroit’s favorite rapper,” Skilla replied. “Sada Baby had his turn, Tee Grizzley had a turn, [42] Dugg had a turn, Babyface Ray had a turn. Veeze is one of Detroit’s best rappers now. Baby Smoove, Big Kizz–a lot of artists had they turn. Rocaine…Everybody had their turn being the best in the city, but what we lack is consistency. Nobody’s consistently been Detroit’s best rapper.”

“Number-wise, Eminem. But nobody in Detroit plays Eminem,” he added. “I’m a fan of Eminem. But do we consider him our best rapper? I don’t think Detroit does.”

Skilla Baby isn’t the only Detroit rapper who feels this way about Eminem.

Back in April of 2019, fellow D-Town rhymer Sada Baby said he doesn’t have Eminem on his top five best Detroit rappers list.

In an interview with Say Cheese Media, Sada stated that Slim Shady had no significant influence on him and, as a result, is not included on his Mount Rushmore list of Detroit’s finest. If anything, Sada considers Em to be more of an honorable mention.

“I ain’t know we had trailer parks until I saw 8 Mile,” Sada Baby told Say Cheese Media. “And I still don’t know nobody that know that ni**a. So it ain’t about being in the trenches, I’m just talking about as far as music and rappers and my Top 5 and my Mount Rushmore of Detroit rappers, Em is like an honorable mention. Just off the strength of 8 Mile.”

Check out Skilla Baby on Keke Palmer’s podcast below.

Source: Say Cheese Media