Sky Rojo 2 already has a trailer and does not give us respite: when it premieres on Netflix

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Sky Red premiered at the beginning of this year being the great bet of Netflix. With a proposal for action and great visual impact, the fans, of course, were left wanting to see more. And to brighten your day, the streaming platform has just released the trailer for the season 2. It is a much more intense bet and that will feature the return of Lali Espósito and Miguel Ángel Silvestre as protagonists. Here, we tell you absolutely everything about this new installment.

Sky Rojo 2 trailer: release date on Netflix

Season 2 of Sky Red has 8 new episodes of around 25 minutes. The series will begin with Coral, Wendy and Gina more united than ever. The roles will change and now the hunters will become prey. Is that, how could it be otherwise, the girls seek revenge at all costs of those who already made them suffer in the past. Meanwhile, Romeo, Moisés and Christian continue trying to catch them, but unlike them, they begin to have differences and their loyalty begins to suffer.

As you can see in the nearly two-minute preview, the series becomes pulpier than ever, much deeper and more violent than the previous installment, which also had eight episodes. Only this time it will be treated more from the gaze of the three young women and their thirst for revenge.

Created by Alex Pina, the screenwriter of The Money Heist, Sky Red the next July 23th on the streaming platform. Likewise, it will feature not only the performances of Silvestre and Espósito, they will return to the main cast Verónica Sánchez, Asier Etxeandia, Enric Auquer and Yany Prado.

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In this way, Sky Red It becomes the most anticipated premiere by Netflix users for next July, as it already was Elite and Who Killed Sara, this June. Are you going to see season 2 of the series?


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