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Slasher Season 4: Renewed

Slasher is a Canadian anthology horror television series created by Aaron Martin. It premiered on Chiller on March 4, 2016, and on Super Channel on April 1, 2016.

Every season is based around a masked killer with an unknown reason for killing their victims. The very first time, retroactively subtitled The Executioner, was co-produced by Chiller and Super Channel, also centred on a mysterious figure charged as the Executioner who terrorizes the fictional city of Waterbury, Canada. The second time, subtitled Guilty Party, follows a group of former summer camp counsellors who return to an isolated campground to be able to recover the body of a murder they acted, before being targeted, one by one, by an unknown killer. The next season, Solstice, is centred on a set of neighbours who are targeted during the summer solstice period due to their complicity rather than saving a murder victim who was killed one year earlier in front of the apartment complex.

Slasher Season 4 Release Date

The information is based on who posted an inventory for Slasher season 4 in their October 19th accession.

Season 4 will continue its naming convention within an anthology collection. The new season is going to be called”Reunion” however no extra plot points have been revealed.

They also list the gearing filming dates for the series too. In fact, filming is currently scheduled to start next week (at the time of publishing) on October 26th, 2020 to February 11th, 2021. Filming is set to take place in Toronto.

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