“Sleep Better Tonight: Embrace the Benefits of Reading Before Bed for Children and Parents”

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Survey Shows Reading Before Bedtime Helps Kids Sleep Better

A new survey conducted by ThriftBooks and OnePoll reveals that reading to children before bedtime helps everyone sleep better. Eight in 10 parents (81%) believe that reading before bed is beneficial for their kids. The survey included 2,000 parents who shared their views on the evolution of story time over the years.

The Majority of Parents Read Before Bedtime

According to the survey, the majority of parents (63%) always or often read to their children before bedtime. On average, parents read to their kids four nights a week. Moreover, 78% of parents read the same books they read as children to their kids.

Parents Want to Read More to Their Children

Despite the positive impact of bedtime stories, some parents cited being too tired after work (50%) and not having enough books at home (49%) as barriers to reading more to their children. However, parents should not worry too much, since the majority of children still prefer to read than to play on their tablet (72%).

Children Eager to Learn to Read

Interestingly, the survey shows that most children (59%) are eager to start reading on their own, learning to read at age four. Parents also try to make time for reading after work, with books (55%) and magazines (54%) being their go-to materials.

In conclusion, reading before bedtime is a beneficial routine that should be encouraged among parents and caregivers. The survey shows that not only does it help children sleep better, but it also fosters a love for reading that can last a lifetime.

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