Small electric car Sarit: In a one-and-a-half-seater to work and back

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Small electric car Sarit: In a one-and-a-half-seater to work and back

The founder of the Austrian-Canadian auto supplier Magna, Frank Stronach, plans to mass-produce an electrically powered mini car in Canada from the beginning of 2022. The main purpose of the vehicle called Sarit is to get from home to work and back, explained Stronach.

“Sarit” stands for Safe, Affordable, Reliable, Innovative Transport, so the vehicle should be safe, affordable, reliable and innovative. The purchase will probably cost around 4,000 euros, but Stronach also promises that it will cost less to maintain or to park and be liable for liability than conventional cars. The driver’s cab is particularly secured.

The electric tricycle is almost 3 m long, 1 m wide and 1.5 m high, should be able to travel 100 km with a full charge and drive a maximum of 32 km / h. Basically, the vehicle is a single-seater, but people who do not need so much space can position themselves behind the driver’s seat, similar to a pillion passenger on a motorcycle. If you want to feel the wind while driving, you can remove the doors.

In the rear overhead locker there should be space for a large amount of shopping or golf equipment, but the micro-car is also suitable for mobile caregivers, for example. The instruction for drivers only takes 20 minutes, promises Stronach (PDF).

Initially, the Sarit is to be built at Stronach International’s headquarters north of Toronto, Canada. 80 percent of the components, including the aluminum required, will initially come from Canada, and 100 percent in around three years. Another production site is planned for later in the Austrian Styria, where a research center and the European headquarters of Stronach International are also to be built.


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