Smart Home: Conrad Connect lowers prices

Smart Home: Conrad Connect lowers prices

The cloud-based smart home service Conrad Connect, which competes with iOBroker and IFTTT, among others, has revised its tariffs and will be aimed more at private customers in the future. The monthly fee drops, while more functions are available at the same time.

The respective prices at Conrad Connect are based on the number of devices or apps. The starter tariff, which is still free, offers a dashboard with twelve widgets and a room plan. The previous integration of two apps gives way to the use of three “resources”. Both apps and devices are considered resources here.

The premium tariff will now cost 1.99 euros per month instead of the previous 5.99 euros. It includes two dashboards and room plans as well as support for ten different resources. A total of five automation projects – eight elements per project – can be implemented here.

Even the most expensive tariff is cheaper. Instead of the previous € 24.99 per month, Conrad Connect will now charge € 4.99 per month for its power package. It contains four dashboards, three room plans and ten automation projects. The annual subscription costs 19.99 euros for the premium package and 49.99 euros for the power package.

Conrad will also charge less money for extensions (“add-ons”) in the future. Additional dashboards can be booked for 1.49 euros per month in the future. For a contingent with ten notifications via SMS, 1.99 euros will be charged in future instead of 2.38 euros.


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