Smart Soundbar 900: New Bose soundbar supports Dolby Atmos

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Bose’s new soundbar is called the Smart Soundbar 900. It can be pre-ordered from the US manufacturer’s online store for 950 euros and should be shipped from September 13th. It is the first Bose soundbar to support Dolby Atmos.

In addition, the Smart Soundbar 900 offers support for HDMI eARC, multi-room playback via WiFi, Bluetooth 4.2 as well as Alexa, the Google Assistant and Airplay 2. The Soundbar 900 is to replace the Soundbar 700, writes Bose. However, the previous model is still available in the online store.

According to Bose, the Smart Soundbar 900 is 5.81 inches high, 104.5 inches wide and 10.7 inches deep. The device should weigh almost 6 kilograms. The inputs include an optical input as an alternative to HDMI eARC and an Ethernet connection for connecting to the home network. An optical cable and an HDMI cable are included, HDMI passthrough is not supported.

Bose does not provide any details about the integrated microphones that are responsible for accepting voice commands. The scope of delivery includes a remote control for the soundbar, and it can also be controlled via the Bose Music app.

With its new soundbar, Bose is entering into direct competition with Sonos, whose Arc soundbar is aimed at a similar market segment. The ARC also supports Dolby Atmos and with a price of 900 euros is similarly expensive as the new model from Bose.

In the online store, Bose offers the Smart Soundbar 900, like its predecessor 700, in black and white. Surround loudspeakers and subwoofers can be purchased as an option, but together they require a further 1350 euros from the wallet.

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