Smart water conditioner with filter and mineralizer in the test

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Most people will buy soda machines that carbonate tap water to save themselves having to carry around bottles. The Berlin start-up, on the other hand, wants to appeal to water connoisseurs – with the “Home” conditioner, in which, in addition to a CO2 cylinder, there is a “mineral cartridge” developed by the manufacturer “Mitte”. It filters the water with activated carbon, lowers its pH value and enriches it with minerals. To do this, the water must be filled into a tank on the device, the capacity of which is sufficient for one 860 ml bottle.

Smart Assistants

At the start, only the “Balance” flavor is available, but other varieties are planned – including those to which vitamins or CBD (cannabinoids), which are controversial in terms of their usefulness, could be added. Mitte wants to do without the lemonade syrups known from the soda market leader Sodastream; But they can of course also be poured into the water prepared by the home.

Premium is not just the claim, but also the price: In the manufacturer’s web shop, the device costs around 350 euros in the starter kit with a mineral cartridge, a CO2 cylinder and a PET bottle. A single cartridge (according to the manufacturer, enough for around 250 liters of water) costs just under 45 euros, the CO2 cylinder (425 g) in a pack of four costs around 40 euros.

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