Snake Eyes The Origin presents its tremendous final trailer: GI Joe returns in style

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Following the first tesaer trailer last month, Snake Eyes: El origen, the new installment of the action saga based on the popular toys of Hasbro, presents its final trailer for its premiere in theaters in Spain next month August, specifically the day 20. And he does it in style with a sweeper and spectacular trailer of two minutes full of action, combats, chases and martial arts, all this to tell us the story of one of the most popular characters (or the most) of the franchise, played this time by Henry Golding.

Theatrical release on August 20, 2021

A) Yes, Snake Eyes: El origen was due to hit theaters last fall, although due to the coronavirus pandemic, and as has happened with countless films, its premiere was delayed in anticipation of a potential greater influx to theaters. Now, with much lower rates of contagion, it seems that the production companies are gradually recovering the usual rhythm of premieres, presenting a blockbuster like the one at hand for this same summer.

Snake Eyes: El origen is starring the aforementioned Henry Golding along with other names like Samara Weaving, Úrsula Corberó O Iko Uwais, among others, a film that promises large doses of action through spectacular scenes typical of the best productions of the genre.

Robert Schwentke directs a prequel film to the previous two adaptations of G.I. Joe and introduces us to the origins of Snake Eyes, a lone warrior taken in by the Arashikage clan after saving their heir. Trained by his new allies, Snake Eyes becomes a feared ninja from whom a dark past will soon resurface, putting his life in danger.

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