Snapchat will recommend nearby places to visit

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There are many applications that unite you with the ones you love the most. Those are social networks, there are all kinds of them, but they all share a common denominator, which is to share multimedia content of all kinds. In this case, we have to talk about one of those that are being treated afloat despite the stiff competition. Is about Snapchat and its new function that recommends sites close to your position.

Snapchat shows you the best places to visit around you

One of the things that the Internet has spread around the world is the ability to make plans faster. No matter where you are, surely someone has already been there and can propose a plan to do that same afternoon or what are the best places to visit. And this is not something exclusive to blogs, but also to all the applications that put you on a map which are these locations that you cannot forget either to visit or to eat.

And although it seems clear that you are already thinking of at least two programs that have this function, there are still many more that can be obtained. Today we talk about the case of the new Snapchat feature. This feature is based on how Snap Map works, which is nothing other than the cartographic version that helps to see on the map everything that the city that you have around you offers you.

Specifically, the new feature is called ‘my sites’, which shows you everything important that you cannot miss during your visit. You will have all kinds of locations, which are divided into three: Popular, which will tell you which are the sites that everyone goes to or that have a certain fame, Favorites, which collect those sites that you have liked above others, and finally those visited, which although they are not as relevant as the rest of you have spent time there.

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The best sites according to people’s photos

One of the things you should keep in mind about himhe new feature of the Snapchat map is that it is based on people’s activity. That is, it will depend on the users that a site is fashionable to appear in the trends section and that will be known thanks to the labels of the people and their location at the time they upload an image.


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