Snapchat with Emoji Polls and Bitmoji Reactions

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The instant messaging service Snapchat has released four new features for the new year. There are now personalized 3D avatars as reactions to chat messages, as well as emoji polls, a preview for group calls and the ability to reply directly to chat messages. The novelties run on both Android and iOS devices with the current Snapchat version.

The principle of the “Chat Reply” function should be familiar to many, for example from WhatsApp. In order to keep group chats clearer in Snapchat, it is possible to refer directly to individual messages. To do this, simply press and hold the relevant message and then tap on “Chat reply”.

Bitmoji Reactions also allows Snapchat users to use Bitmojis in response to chat messages. Since mid-2021, Snapchat has had 3D Bitmojis, i.e. personalized emojis that look like a comic likeness of yourself. There are seven emotions for Bitmoji reactions that can be inserted into the chat like normal emojis. To do this, press and hold the message to which a reaction should follow and select the corresponding Bitmoji.

Poll stickers are now available in Snaps and Stories. These emoji-based polls are transparent: Creators can then see how their friends respond. With this, the company behind Snapchat (Snap) wants to ensure that the answers remain friendly. This survey option is located in the sticker folder under the item “Surveys”.

In addition to the features presented, Snap also improved the Snapchat calls, both audio and video calls. For group calls, there is a preview of who is already on it. There are also more lenses to add to calls. The lenses expand the real image with virtual effects, such as hats or dog ears.

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