Snapdragon G3x: this is the powerful new portable console from Razer and Qualcomm

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Qualcomm has presented during the Snapdragon Tech Summit event a new platform that will seek to give new impetus to the world of portable consoles based on Android operating system. Snapdragon G3x is the name of the new chip from the Asian giant, which in association with Razer have revealed the development kit for their first portable console, under the provisional name of Snapdragon G3x Handheld Developer Kit.

Broadly speaking, we are talking about a portable console based on Android, with the particularity that it will mount the new Snapdragon G3x, whose technical details have already been confirmed. What does seem clear is that there will be plenty of power to be known within the new generation of Qualcomm chips designed to make the most of the experience gaming.

All details confirmed for Qualcomm and Razer’s portable console

During the conference, which our colleagues from ComputerHoy, have confirmed that the chip will be compatible with connections 5G —Something especially important for the game in streaming, como Xbox Cloud Gaming— y Wi-Fi 6E, and will feature an advanced panel OLED de 120 Hz, HDR and 1080p resolution. Being a screen of 6.65 inch diagonal in Full HD, it will be very difficult to differentiate the pixels.

And no, autonomy will not be renounced. 6000 mAh they promise several hours of uninterrupted play; added to the ability to connect it to a dock to achieve 4K resolutions on a monitor. Finally, it is worth noting the low latency connectivity and advanced vibration.

In the chassis we will find two joysticks, crosshead, action buttons, triggers, a port USB-C to connect mixed reality devices and a camera of 5 megapixels.

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Being a portable console, the first thing that comes to mind is the service Xbox Cloud Gaming, Microsoft’s cloud gaming infrastructure based on Xbox Series X servers with a multitude of Xbox Game Pass games already available. In the same way, it will be guaranteed to be able to take advantage of Valve’s solution, Steam Remote Play, so we will have a kind of pocket computer; with a philosophy and form factor reminiscent of Steam Deck.

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