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Sneak Peek: Vikings Legend Stars with Justin Jefferson in New Netflix Show

Sneak Peek: Vikings Legend Stars with Justin Jefferson in New Netflix Show

On Wednesday, Netflix will release their highly-anticipated docu-series “Receiver” featuring Minnesota Vikings All-Pro wide receiver Justin Jefferson. The series is expected to mirror last year’s “Quarterback,” which focused on former Vikings quarterback Kirk Cousins during the 2022 season.

In anticipation of the full release, Netflix shared a sneak peek on Tuesday with a short online clip.

The teaser begins with Hall of Fame quarterback Peyton Manning discussing the crucial role of a wide receiver to a quarterback. Just as Manning delves into the subject, he is interrupted by legendary former Minnesota receiver Randy Moss. Given Moss’s expertise in the position, he takes over as the narrator.

Moss underscores the significance of the docu-series in highlighting the myriad responsibilities a wide receiver has beyond just catching the football.

Like last year’s “Quarterback,” this series is poised to uncover aspects of NFL pass-catchers’ lives that may have gone unnoticed by fans.

Jefferson’s role in “Receiver” will likely center around the hamstring injury that sidelined him for seven games last season—an injury lapse unprecedented in his NFL career. This will give viewers insight into how Jefferson coped with a prolonged absence from the field.

Apart from Jefferson’s journey, the docu-series will also capture notable events from the 2023 NFL season from a unique perspective. For instance, it will cover Davante Adams and the Las Vegas Raiders amid a mid-season head coaching change. It will also feature Deebo Samuel and George Kittle aiding the San Francisco 49ers in their Super Bowl quest, and Amon-Ra St. Brown’s contributions to Detroit Lions’ unexpected success.

In less than 24 hours, all eight episodes of “Receiver” will be available for Netflix subscribers, offering a comprehensive look into the lives of some of the NFL’s top wide receivers.

Source: Netflix