So far Voi has brought almost 200 electric scooters out of German waters

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The electric scooter rental company Voi sends a fleet team out to rescue rental vehicles that end up in the water. Since the company has been active in Germany, it has fetched almost 200 electric scooters from local waters, explained the general manager responsible for Germany Claus Unterkircher to heise online.

Voi carries out regular routine checks at all locations. In addition, the company cooperates with local rescue initiatives such as Isaar rescue in Munich and Rena Mälaren in Stockholm. The rescue costs amounted to around 200 euros per device, but they can be higher depending on the body of water and the circumstances, after all, the rescue is complex and requires special equipment, said Unterkicher.

He gave more specific information than his competitors, also questioned by heise online. At the request of heise online, they had made vague statements about the extent of the vandalism with their rental scooters.

“As long as the location system works, we can locate the e-scooters. Otherwise we use the last known location for orientation,” explained Unterkircher. Most of the scooters were able to find his company again in a short time and repair them if necessary. “Only in a few isolated cases does a scooter really remain undetectable.”

Voi is currently active in 15 German cities, with more to follow. Unterkircher was “very satisfied” with the cooperation with the responsible bodies there. “In order to improve the connection of the scooters to the local transport infrastructure – especially local public transport – we want to deepen the cooperation at all locations.”

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Heise online received mixed feedback from the cities themselves. From Frankfurt am Main it was said that the federal government was “because of the pressure from the supplier side, which was actually allowing new mobility gadgets for road traffic to be ‘innovation-conscious’;

Electric standing scooters, also known as e-kick scooters or e-scooters, have been permitted on public roads in Germany since June 15, 2019. The first have already been spotted in German cities.
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