So you can travel back in time with Google Maps

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There’s no doubt Google Maps is the tool most used every day to know the exact location of a place, know how to get to a specific point, calculate the route of a trip and even why not, it makes a virtual trip to any point on the planet. However, there is a very little known option that may surely be very curious to you. It is none other than that of being able to travel back in time.

In this way, it is to go to any point in the world and see what that place was like a few years ago. Until now, Google allows backtracking up to a maximum of 15 years. That is, we can see what a place was like in 2007. The truth is that some sites may not have images from so long ago, but surely with the capabilities of Google, very soon we will be able to go back all these years in any site or even more.

How to travel back in time on Google Maps

To do this, the first thing we have to do is open a web browser on our desktop and visit the official Google Maps site. Once there, in the upper left part we write the place where we want to go and press Enter or the magnifying glass icon.

Next, what we have to do is activate the Street View way from Google Maps. Therefore, we do click on the doll icon orange color that we find in the lower right part of the Google Maps page and without letting go, we drag it to the exact point where we want to go on the map. There, all we have to do is release it and the Street View view will automatically be activated, which will show us the image that we would see as if we were right in that place.

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At the top left of the page we will find the exact address along with an icon of a clock and a date. If we click just above the clock or the date, then a small window will be shown with the image that is being displayed from Street View and a cursor at the bottom that allows us move through time.

With the simple fact of dragging it to the year we want, we can see the images of that place right at that moment. Once we have chosen the year to which we want to go back, we can also continue browsing through Google Street View. Depending on the site chosen, we can find images from more or less time ago. As we indicated at the beginning, so far, the maximum that allows us to travel in time is 15 years.


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