Soap from the sea: the great little treasure your skin deserves

Sea soap

a beauty soap that concentrates the essence of the sea. This is ‘soap from the sea’, much more than a cleanser for the face. A unique and natural product, 100% Spanish created by two entrepreneurs, Ester Fernández and Sara Benjumea, passionate about gastronomy and natural cosmetics. The ‘soap from the sea’, with a high content of plankton, is ideal for skin care from the age of thirty. Leaves the face clean and hydrated, free of residues and impurities, restores the skin barrier and protects against premature aging.

Sea soap
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Plankton is a powerful source of minerals, vitamins and amino acids and is able to withstand extreme conditions. Hence its effectiveness to revitalize the skin, eliminate accumulated toxins, protect it from free radicals and oxidation. To this are added a series of toning, natural, antioxidant essential oils, with botanical extracts that soften, nourish and improve the elasticity of the face.

This digital has been able to speak exclusively with one of its creators, Ester Fernández who has explained to Look how the beginnings of this project have been and the reception it is having. “We had a cooking school, Food Kitchens and we did monographs in which we merged culture with gastronomy, for example, a seaweed tasting with Celtic music or talks like what does a Goya or a Murillo taste like? ”, says the woman from Cádiz.

Ester explains that gastronomy is a hobby for both her and her partner, since they both have their respective jobs, to which they dedicate most of their day. Given the rise of gastronomy in recent times and natural cosmetics, they decided to take a course, where they learned the keys to soap making: “in the end, making a product like this is like a recipe, with a series of steps,” he says. .

Sea soap
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It was from that moment that they came up with the idea of ​​soap: “we live in Cádiz and in the kitchen we used plankton a lot because it has many properties: it tastes like the sea, it is the origin of life…. It occurred to us to make a soap of ours, from Cádiz, that would carry spectacular essential oils and with plankton, which is sea, to see how it would come out ”, he explains. “We have been testing for five years because it smells very strong and it was necessary to counteract this aroma a bit,” he emphasizes. “We did not want to use perfumes, but to be very natural, with essential oils. It has been difficult to neutralize the strong smell of plankton “, he assures. After these years of research, it is only two months since they have put the product on the market and they are delighted with the result. In fact, they have already started to think about new formats and products.

The original recipe is from Sara and Ester, but they have the support of a factory for the preparation: “the recipe is ours, but we have relied on an artisan soap factory. Each piece is unique, it is made one by one. It is ecofriendly, we take care of the environment, totally ecological and vegan ”, emphasizes the entrepreneur.

The ‘soap from the sea’ is much more than a cleaning product. “It is a beauty soap for skins from thirty years old, for men and women. It is a soap that takes care of you, that you wash your face and, if you forget to apply the cream, you are fine, because normally soaps dry out the skin a lot ”, explains Ester.

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At the moment they are already investigating to produce a new specific soap for skin prone to acne, “for young people to use,” he says. A slightly drier product, with mud from the Dead Sea. In addition, they also plan to launch a ‘sea serum’. “A serum that is very rich, with plankton, for after the soap.” Although the initial option was the classic bar of soap, they are now working on a new stick format, especially comfortable for travel.

In these weeks that it has been on sale, the soap is having a good reception from the public: “Everyone who tries it is delighted”, assures Esther. “We are aware that principles are often difficult for everyone, but we are super happy,” she maintains. In fact, there are several faces that have already been able to prove it, such as Cristina Tárrega, Fiona Ferrer or the stylist Eva Villar.

At the moment, soap can only be purchased through the website, but they hope to expand their commercial network and do not rule out expanding internationally: “we are not slowing down at all,” he assures, although he acknowledges that Sometimes it is difficult to reconcile: “every day I go to bed with the feeling that I have missed hours,” says Ester with a laugh.

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