“Sobredosis de TV”, the new animated video from Soda Stereo with a nod to a historical recital

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The second installment of the animated videos of Soda Stereo’s first album has arrived. After “Why can’t I be from the Jet Set ”, the fans of the group can enjoy one of the first hits, with an aesthetic that has to do with the concept of the lyrics and close to the trio’s message in those years, at the beginning of the ’80s.

The realization, as in the previous one, ran by Nico Bernaudo, audiovisual designer in Gustavo Cerati’s shows since 2004 and of the group since 2007. About this new installment, the director told La Viola: “The old televisions appear from the first staging of the band’s shows or that They were at the 2007 comeback press presentation. The idea is to reinforce all the visual work that the band had in each of its stages. A photo, a cover or a clip can generate something new ”.

On December 14, 1984, Soda presented her debut album at the Astros Theater with a different setting for the time. “We wanted to start from the song we liked the most in the repertoire, ‘Overdose on TV, so we came up with placing many televisions asymmetrically on a tubular structure. But the project was canceled due to lack of budget, “he said. Alfredo Lois, in charge of the image of the group a Marcelo Fernández Bitar, in the biography of Soda Stereo.

The musicians decided to borrow gadgets from family and friends. They got to be 26 on stage. Together with the technicians of the lighting company, they modified the horizontal and vertical of each device, to get them out of tune and various the shapes of the images.

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Also, in this animated clip, some images of Soda’s first appearances on television programs appear, such as in the popular and remembered cycle of the ’80s, “Badía y Compañía” or on Chilean television, plus the triumphant return with the tour “You will see me come back “.

This first album by the trio marked the beginning of the career of one of the most important groups in the history of national rock. Gustavo Cerati, Zeta Bosio Y Charly alberti they starred in a generational change that revitalized the genre and that conquered Latin America thanks to new rhythms, ingenious lyrics and unique melodies.

The aesthetic work that we are going to find in these video clips will generate a special interest in the fans. “It has a lot to do with the different worlds that the group was creating throughout its career. We didn’t want to do something completely different or new.. The idea was to aesthetically reinterpret different things that happened in each era and for the public to feel represented ”, contributed Bernaudo in an interview with this medium.

Two videos of each of the trio’s studio album will be uploaded in the coming months. “The idea was born from the expectation and need that the public has today. In addition to listening to music on the platforms, he is also doing it with videos. A way to maximize the experience and to songs that do not have clips was to add these animations ”, its director told La Viola. “The idea is to go chronologically through the studio records,” he added.

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The debut album: Polish reggae and diet rock

Soda Stereo stood out in the early ’80s with its proposal marked in sounds of the new wave, marked by British groups such as The Police, The Specials, The Clash o Elvis Costello. “What we do is a kind of Polish reggae with dietary rock and roll,” Cerati replied in an interview a few days after Soda’s first album was released.

That first recording experience in 1984 was not easy for young artists. “We recorded it in the CBS studios which were huge, I remember that the control was upstairs, with old consoles. There were shift changes of the engineers and we had to start recording from scratch. We were there one day to record a song, ”Charly Alberti told La Viola.

Federico Moura, singer of Virus, was in charge of production and his presence was important when dealing with some sound themes. “An artist who gave us peace of mind and security. It had a brilliant flight. He distributed the energies very well, ”Zeta acknowledged.

“Why can’t I be from the Jet Set?”, “You need vitamins”, “TV overdose”, “Diet”, “A missile in my closet” and “Treat me gently” are some of the songs that marked a change in the national sound and lasted over time. This last song was composed by Melero. “I was at home watching a Galtieri speech on television and I had a conflict with my girlfriend from the neighborhood. The interpretation of Gustavo (Cerati) is fabulous ”, described the singer.

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The official presentation of the album for the press was on October 1 (Zeta’s birthday) at Pumper Nic, a gastronomic icon of the ’80s under a very pop setting. The brand new video for “Dietético” could be seen on a giant screen. “It is a fairly homogeneous album, the sound was what could be achieved with the conditions we had,” Alberti concluded.

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