Socialcommunist stopover to tourism in the Canary Islands

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PSOE and Podemos intend to implement a tourist tax in the Canary Islands and the regional government has reserved 100,000 euros to carry out a study on how to implement it to promote “sustainability.” The Executive of Ángel Torres has opened an award under the title Preparation of a report and study on alternative sources of financing for the management of tourism sustainability. It is not yet very clear what the rate would be like, or if the formula of a “contribution” or “direct taxes” will be adopted in the end, but always “with the tourist being the final paying subject.” In other words, at a time when tourism would have to be taken care of with extraordinary care, since it is a fundamental element for the economic growth of the Islands, socialcommunism comes to touch the nose of the tourist by way of putting a sword in his pocket. Let’s see, gentlemen, sustainability is fine, but if to achieve it you have to crunch the tourist, perhaps you would have to look for more imaginative formulas.

Because imposing a tax, a contribution or a tax on tourism in the current circumstances is a delusion. Socialcommunism seems determined to ruin a sector that has suffered from the incompetence of the Government during the pandemic and which is now trying to give a new turn of the screw. These people have taken their reactionary ideology to the pinnacle of absurdity. Despite the fact that national and international tourism is in a critical situation, the Canarian Administration wants to put more obstacles to the arrival of tourists to the Islands. In sum, the rates they seek to impose would make the trips more expensive, which could deter not a few tourists from choosing other destinations.

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What they have to do is stop fooling around and, speaking of the Canary Islands, get the aid to the island of La Palma right away. Less fees and more to keep what was promised, comrades.

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