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Sofía Franco clarifies her relationship with Álvaro Paz de la Barra: “I live alone and with my little one”

Sofia Franco She took advantage of the cameras of the program “En boca de todos” to clarify her recent statements for “América Espectáculos”, where different entertainment media indicated that the host gave it to understand that she hoped to regain her marriage to Álvaro Paz de la Barra.

Before these headlines in the entertainment media, the presenter explained that her statements were distorted: “The friends of ‘América Espectáculos’ approached me and in a minute I said what you heard and that perhaps the labels do not correspond to what I said.”

Sofía Franco clarified that she is separated from the mayor of La Molina and that she is in the process of divorce. In addition, the driver said that although they are no longer a couple, both have a more fluid communication for the well-being of their son.

“I referred to a new opportunity to get ahead and you understand me at home (addressing the public). Reflecting is always good, forgiving is divine and of course I have to clarify and especially to people who continue to send messages of unconditional love and support and that I value too much. I know that people care about me and I am very well and I continue in my situation and I am separated ”, said.

“It is a process, the legal issue and all that, but we have taken an important step as a family and it is dialogue, which today is more fluid, in favor of our little one and we are doing well because dialogue is important . We have reconciled and it has been a long time since there was that fluidity “, sentenced.

Finally, Sofía asked the press for greater respect with the comments about her private life and that she only wants to get her job back as a television host.

“Some scratch themselves there and I believe that each person’s life must be respected. I know that we are public and that we are ‘On everyone’s lips’ and in the eye of the storm, but at this moment I feel good and calm, where I live alone with my little one and I am getting ahead. Trying to recover what I like, which are you and my job, such as driving and being in the program, that is what makes me happy and I really appreciate that interest and concern ”, concluded.

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