Sofía Franco on her relationship with Álvaro Paz de la Barra: “Only time will tell if we resume”

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Sofia Franco He broke his silence and referred to the recent statements by Álvaro Paz de la Barra, who hinted that they had resumed their romantic relationship after overcoming their problems.

“We are both public figures, we all have problems, but a person grows bigger as he evolves, that is, he reconsiders and corrects his mistakes. As a family and as a couple we are correcting our mistakes “, said the mayor of La Molina in images broadcast by “Magaly TV: La Firme.”

When consulted on the subject, the television figure pointed out that Álvaro’s statements have altered the “opinionologists.”

“I just got back from my birthday trip (on September 25 he turned 42 years old) and I see that they send me many greetings for my birthday and also for Álvaro’s statements that I feel are altering opinionologists, that is why I want to clarify again that as parents our communication has improved and that of course, until the end of my days we will have the same responsibility”He told the Trome newspaper.

Sofía Franco emphasized that “only time will tell them if they will resume the relationship,” because now she and her ex-partner are focused on giving quality time to the child they have in common.

“I have already explained that I forgave, I have already explained that we smooth things over and that this will always be the case. Having communication is healthy and from then on I prefer that you stop speculating, because only time will tell about resuming the relationshipWell, that has been left aside, we are giving quality of time and attention to our little one and that makes him very happy ”, he bounded.

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Finally, Franco pointed out that she is a woman who lives without hatred in her heart and who wants to be happy. “What I hate the most in this life is living in hatred and resentment, I don’t carry that backpack. I choose to live happily and I wish everyone the best, so I really appreciate once again the good messages that you always send me ”, he pointed.

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