Markus Harrer on software analytics

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Published on: Markus Harrer on software analytics

Software analytics is the structured analysis of data from software development with the aim of getting input from the results for well-founded decisions. Markus Harrer presents the procedure for this as well as do’s and don’ts in the stream. We look at suitable tools from the data science area and discuss how we can gain valuable insights from data sources such as Git repositories, performance data, quality reports or directly from the program code. In a live demo we can still see the whole thing in practice.

It will be broadcast live tomorrow, Friday, June 11, 2021 at 12 noon (CET), the episode will then be available as a recording. During the live stream, questions can be answered via Twitch or YouTube chat, per Twitter an @ewolff or anonymously with the form on the videocast website bring in.

For the first time, when this episode of is broadcast, there will be a second stream at the same time, in which Lisa Maria Moritz will paint live sketchnotes on the explanations by Markus Harrer and Eberhard Wolff – with the audio track from the main stream. is a videocast by Eberhard Wolff, blogger and podcaster on heise Developer as well as well-known software architect in the service of the IT consulting company INNOQ. Since June 2020, well over 50 episodes have been created that illuminate different areas of software architecture – sometimes with guests, sometimes Wolff solo. Lately binds heise Developer the new episodes streamed via YouTube in the online channel so that viewers can follow the videocast from the Heise media.


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