Solar Opposites Season 3 Release Date, Cast, Trailer, and More

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solar opposites season 3

Hulu has returned with a new animated science-fiction comedy. The popular Solar Opposites season 3 is set to premiere on Hulu, the original network. This series debuted with eight episodes in May 2020.

Later, in June 2020, for the second season, there were 12 episodes. Justin Roiland and Mike McMahan create this wonderful science fiction cartoon. Josh Bycel creates it. With its third season, this spectacular next season will wow you.

The series’ primary distributor, Disney Media Distribution, has formally confirmed the series’ renewal to all Solar Opposites fans. While plot details for season 3 of “Solar Opposites” are unclear, we know that it will not be the series’ last season. The series was renewed for a fourth season by Hulu in June.

Solar Opposites Season 3

If you are interested in the series’ critical reception, Rotten Tomatoes has given it an 8 out of 10 ratings, and reviewers have given it solid reviews. Even during its first run, according to Hulu, the series was the most-watched program on the network. Fans are now eagerly anticipating the third season.

When Will Season 3 Of Solar Opposites Be Released?

Season 3 of “Solar Opposites” is slated to premiere in late January or early February 2022; based on the show’s previous production schedule, the first season premiered in early May 2020, while the second season premiered on March 26 of the following year. If Season 3 production goes well, the painful period between Fresh Year’s Day and Valentine’s Day might be filled with new Shlorpian adventures.

Several factors might cause this timeline to be thrown off. Season 3 will have a 12-episode run instead of the previous 8-episode run that Seasons 1 and 2 had. Furthermore, it’s difficult to determine if future COVID flare-ups will impact output. Season 3 will be available on Hulu regardless of when it is published.

Solar Opposites Season 3

If you haven’t seen it yet, there will be a Christmas bonus episode available between now and the Season 3 premiere. Even though most fans “still don’t believe” them, Roiland and McMahan have verified the claim in a recent interview with Inverse.

Who Will Return For Season 3 Of Solar Opposites?

As far as we can determine, there is no drama going on behind the scenes in this renowned comedy. So far, there haven’t been any rumors of massive casting changes spreading around the internet. As a result, anybody who hasn’t perished in the previous two seasons is almost sure to return for Seasons 3 and beyond.

Justin Roiland (Korvo), Thomas Middleditch (Terry), Sean Giambrone (Yumyulack), Mary Mack (Jesse), and Sagan McMahan (The Pupa) are all expected to reprise their roles as the extraterrestrial plant-creatures fans have come to know and love. The residents of the Wall will also return, with Tim (Andy Daly), Cherie (Christina Hendricks), and Halk (Sterling K. Brown) taking up where they left off. Given his heroic sacrifice in the last episode of Season 2, it’s uncertain if Ringo (Alfred Molina) will return. Aisha (Tiffany Haddish), Mrs. Frankie (Kari Wahlgren), and Principal Cooke (Rob Schrab) will very certainly return as well.

The Storyline Of Season 3 Of Solar Opposites Will Be

Tim toppled The Duke in the first season, The Wall’s corrupt leader. He then betrayed his beloved Cherie and placed himself as the new kind king of the little civilization. Cherie gave birth to Tim’s kid and returned to The Wall after Season 2, so expect more post-apocalyptic action in Season 3. Could you not take our word for it, however? Roiland has already verified a few elements concerning the third season of Solar Opposites.

Solar Opposites Season 3

He told SyFy Wire, “It’s intriguing because we’ve spoken about what we do beyond Season 2 if the show continues for a lot more seasons.” “We’re full of wacky ideas.” It’s Schrodinger’s Cat, and although we haven’t cracked the code yet, we have spoken about a few things that are utterly nuts. Because it’s so far down the road, I’m not going to say anything. However, the Wall is undeniably a part of it.”


Solar Opposites Season 3 does not yet have a trailer or other promotional video due to the lack of a release date. We also have no idea when an official trailer will be released. It will, however, most likely be released one to two months before the show’s launch.

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