“Solidarity Book Chronicles the Inspiring Fight of 9 Women Against Cancer”

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The title of the book, “Don’t call me brave and bring me croquettes,” sets the tone for the inspiring story of nine strong women who formed a community through social media while fighting cancer. Despite being strangers, they came together every Monday evening for three years through a project called “Los lunes al zoom,” sharing their experiences with their followers. Feeling supported through the process was crucial for them, which is the message they aim to spread through their book.

These women showed the positive side of social media, revealing the friendliest face of it. They met through Instagram and formed a community through WhatsApp, sharing their fears, doubts, and concerns. They realized that the sense of belonging to a group helps overcome the difficult journey. They formed a bond that acted as a support system, which helped them in their quest.

The book is a compilation of their harrowing experiences, their fears, doubts, joys, and learning during their cancer battle. The nine authors are Ana Siles, Amalia Castel, Patricia Lluch, Steffi Mallebrein, Pilar Castro, Virginia Muñoz, Elena Mendoza, Regina Knaster, and Margarita González. In its pages, the reader will find their most personal stories, some of the things no one talked about. They approached their ordeal with humor, heartbreak, and hope, with the intent of helping others feel better.

For them, cancer touched every aspect of their lives, from their emotions to their relationships with loved ones. The book comes from months of sharing every tiny detail of their experiences, everything they lacked in the process. It is a raw story, a day-to-day struggle with the disease, with each woman sharing their unique perspective on spirituality, family, friends, economy, and sexuality. They call it a story of affection, union, understanding, and friendship. They are strangers who became sisters of vulnerability, helping each other through support and love.

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The book is not only a memoir but also has a charitable purpose. The authors want to spread awareness about metastatic breast cancer, and all the profits from the book sales will go to the Spanish Breast Cancer Association Metastatic. The book is priced at 16 euros, a small price to pay for such an inspirational story.

In summary, the book “Don’t call me brave and bring me croquettes” is a testament to the bravery and strength of nine women who faced cancer head-on and found courage and hope in each other. Their book is not only a source of inspiration but also a call for support and action for those affected by the disease. The authors came together to form a community of vulnerability and showed the world that together, we are stronger.

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