Solo Leveling Anime: Release Date and Everything we know

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The year 2022 has just begun and it brings in some thrilling news for web readers. One of the most popular webtoons, Solo Leveling is ready to embark on its new journey. Solo Leveling has been one of the most popular manga series in history since its publication in 2018. It has carved out a special place in the hearts of fans. It quickly rose to the top of the internet’s most popular webtoon lists. In March 2020, the 110-episode first season of manhwa came to an end. In August 2021, the second season began. 

Solo Leveling is, without a doubt, the greatest manhwa ever written. With an 8.86/10 rating from over 250,000 people, it is voted #1 on Myanimelist’s top manhwa list. As a result, the fans are ecstatic about the anime adaptation.

Solo Leveling manhwa- a quick recap

The light novel Solo Leveling is based on the concept of dungeon gates that open into the human world, with “Hunters” entrusted with killing the monsters inside. Sung Jin-Woo, our main character, is an E-Rank hunter who is just slightly stronger than a normal human. He becomes one of the world’s most powerful hunters after a few arcs.

Meanwhile, with Chapter 179, the Solo Leveling manhwa has achieved its conclusion. On Thursday, December 30, 2021, Solo Leveling Chapter 179 was released. Fans were startled awake from their dreams, unsure of what to read next.

Due to the sheer fame of the Solo Leveling series, fans have created a petition to demand an anime adaptation. Fans are expecting that their voices will be heard by a well-known animation studio. More than 2,00,000 requests have already been signed, indicating that the enthusiasm among fans is well-established.

Fans are now filling out Netflix forms to request movies and TV series, in addition to signing petitions. The “Solo Leveling” came in second place in one of AnimeJapan’s polls in 2021, which asked fans which manga or Asian comic they would want to see turned into an anime.

Would there be an anime adaptation of ‘Solo Leveling’?

Some of the rumours concerning the anime adaptation are accurate, while others are untrue. Will there ever be an anime version of Solo Leveling? Given the success of the manhwa and the clamour for an anime adaptation, we will almost certainly see a Solo Leveling anime adaptation sooner rather than later.

Anime adaptations of popular Korean Manhwa, such as Tower of God and The God of High School, have previously been made. So far, it appears like an anime version of Solo Leveling is in the works. In addition, one of the driving elements is the popularity of the manhwa. With a live-action film and a video game in the works, the anime adaptation is not so far behind.

Release date for the anime Solo Leveling

We still haven’t heard anything official about the Solo Leveling anime as of yet. However, we are confident that we will see a Solo Leveling anime in the future, as our sources have verified. According to certain sources, development on the anime adaptation is now underway in the background.

On the basis of leaks, several assumptions have been made. One of the breaches was discovered lately on Weibo, a Chinese social networking site. Gi So-Ryeong and Jang Sung-Rak are producing the Solo Leveling anime, according to the report. If the anime is revealed early next year (2022), we may anticipate it to air in 2023 on our televisions.D&C Media has even produced a Solo Leveling video, implying that an anime adaptation will be released sooner or later.

Plot of Solo Leveling

The plot of Solo Leveling is quite interesting and exciting. The plot centres around Sung Jin-Woo, a relatively weak hunter who works his way up to become an S-rank hunter with ultimate powers. After a few days, Jin-Woo stumbles onto a D-rank dungeon that appears to be considerably more powerful.

Jin-Woo has come to terms with the fact that he is about to die. Then there’s the greatest part: he doesn’t die, but instead has a weird talent that allows him to read a task log, much like in games. He may perform objectives and strengthen himself as his rank rises, much like in the games.

The entire world wants him as his ranks and powers rise, but he prefers to remain a Solo Leveler. That’s what he’ll be remembered for. Watching the anime would be far too thrilling and enticing. If you absolutely can not wait for the anime, we advise reading a manga or a manhwa.

What is the expected number of episodes in the anime?

Viewers are also curious as to how many episodes the anime version of Solo Leveling would feature. According to reports, the first season of the Solo Leveling anime would consist of 12 episodes, with a season 2 to follow in the near future.

As per the reports, the first season of anime will consist of 24 episodes, with the remaining episodes being included in the second season of anime based on the manhwa. We cannot, however, foresee everything. That’s according to our sources, and we will have to wait for formal confirmation.

Why is there a controversy on the series?

Due to the unfavourable representation of Japan in the manhwa and web book, the Solo Leveling franchise has sparked controversy. Because of this, many feel that the possibilities of an anime adaptation have decreased. Fans, on the other hand, are working hard to persuade major corporations such as Netflix to convert the manga into animation. The possibility of an anime adaptation of the Solo Leveling manga has not been officially announced. We are certain, however, that we will receive it sooner or later.

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