Some cybercriminals take refuge in Telegram for its great security and privacy

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For a long time there has always been a great debate to determine if Telegram was a better application than WhatsApp or the opposite. The truth is that there are many defenders of both one and another messaging application and we have seen how certain outstanding functions in one have ended up being implemented in the other. However, as far as the security and privacy refers, Telegram has always been the winner in these terms against WhatsApp. And it is that Mark Zuckerberg’s app has always been in question in this regard.

Without going any further, just a few days ago we echoed the news that pointed out that Facebook could read the messages of WhatsApp users, which could have caused a new mass migration of users to Telegram just as it happened when the privacy policies of the application owned by Facebook were changed.

Telegram’s security and privacy, a double-edged sword

Undoubtedly, the great security and privacy that Telegram offers would be two of the characteristics for which millions of users decide to use it in front of WhatsApp. However, this could have become a double-edged sword, as, according to an investigation recently conducted by The Financial Times in conjunction with the cyber intelligence group Cyberint, a More than 100% increase in the use of Telegram by cybercriminals.

According to the popular newspaper, since many users flocked to Telegram after the change in WhatsApp privacy policies, criminal activity has doubled across Telegram. The investigation itself indicates that there is a network of hackers who share and sell data breaches on different Telegram channels that has tens of thousands of members.

Channels used for criminal purposes such as the sale of personal data such as accounts and passwords, credit card numbers, passport copies, or hacking tools. The fact that this type of pirates or cybercriminals has come to Telegram is due to the great privacy offered by the messaging application.

Therefore, the tool helps them to hide their identity, that they can go unnoticed by the authorities and that in turn, are more accessible than if they make use of the dark web, where access is more expensive and where they are watched much more closely.


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