Some Of The Biggest Jackpots Ever Won

Never believed you could win millions by playing a simple game at home? Well, think again. Below is a list of some of the biggest jackpots that have been won in online casinos. Though, please note that in no way are we insinuating a competition, such as ‘’who’s taller?’’ amongst these fortunate winners!

The Win Which Helped Online Casinos Gain The Recognition They Have Today

We begin our rundown of the best casino jackpots ever won at an online casino with a victory of eight figures that occurred in April of 2020. The slot games at Mega Moolah feature enormous payouts and come in a variety of themes and formats. The first player on our list won more than €10.7 million, approximately $12 million, after hitting one of those great jackpots which gamblers yearn for. Reports indicate that the sum in question was paid in one single payment.

The incredible win was immediately recognised as one of the largest prizes that has ever been awarded by an online casino. In the following months, it would be taken by a number of different victors. Despite this, it was one of the first jackpots won at an online casino, and it definitely helped bring the industry into the public eye.

Staying Up Past Your Bed-Time Might Pay Off

The next winner of one of the largest jackpots won at an online casino twisted a restless night into a big win. Talk about turning the bad into something good, aye? One night in late September 2011, the winner reportedly had trouble falling asleep and  chose to play the Mega Fortune slot machine, which was one of his favourites, in order to pass some time till he felt ready to go to sleep.

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Though, sleep he did not. Instead, he managed to turn a disturbance in his sleep to something amazing. The fortunate player, who’d been located in Norway, won a prize that was 11.7 million euros, which is comparable to 13.47 million dollars in US currency.

Huw Thomas, who is the CEO of Betsson Casino where he was playing, was taken aback by the player’s victory as well. A Guinness World Record was established for the player and the casino considering it was one of the largest jackpots ever won at an online casino.

A Heart-Warming Jackpot

It is always exciting to see a deserving person take home a sum of money that may completely transform their life. The following winner fell under this category as well. A British soldier by the name of Jonathon Heywood was the lucky winner of a large prize of £13.2 million, which was equivalent to $17.2 million, in the year 2015.

It was just a quarter of a dollar that Heywood gambled, according to the accounts, as Heywood played the Mega Moolah Progress Jackpot game once he was blessed with the fortunate spin.

To add even more warmth to the story, Heywood said that he intended to use the money to assist his ill father. A veteran of the armed forces winning the lottery so that he can cover his father’s medical expenses? That is the pinnacle of excellence; it doesn’t get much more heart-warming than that.

One Of The Very Most Notable Jackpots To Ever Take Place

Late in April, an online casino player from Belgium decided to play their go-to slot machine game, which was called Absolootly Mad: Mega Moolah. They just needed a few more spins before they won the jackpot on the slot machine based on Alice in Wonderland. The lucky player of the generous slot machine won more than $23.6 million!

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The victory was so significant that it even makes it into the top 10 list of the most noteworthy winnings from slot machines in history.

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