Some players who participated in Elden Ring’s closed network test managed to break out of the restricted map area.

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Some players who participated in Elden Ring’s closed network test last weekend managed to find a way out of the game’s demo area. However, players coming out of this area were greeted by a very angry bear.

A limited number of players have participated in closed network testing of the game to try out From Software’s upcoming open-world Souls game, Elden Ring. However, these players only had access to a part of the open world of Elden Ring.

Unable to settle for the demo portion of the game, some players began testing the game’s limits in hopes of discovering the wider array Elden Ring had to offer. Kotaku As reported by, several players have discovered a vulnerability that allows them to successfully access the inaccessible areas of the game.

Content developer AllisonByProxy said in the video she uploaded to YouTube, it’s outside the demo zone.a wild big bear waiting to smash the yucca and Crucible Knight has an undiscovered Boss named Floh. revealed.

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