Someone wrote features that are not in the game for Battlefield 2042, the list is a bit long

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Battlefield 2042, server issues, interface problems or the reactions to the creative features that he promised or not, made a difficult debut.

A Reddit user by the name of Jellyswim claimed that something that wasn’t added to Battlefield 2042 or has been simplified. features list prepared, and the list is relatively long:

We have compiled some of the notable complaints in this list as follows:

  • There are no permanent lobbies, players have to enter matchmaking again after each match.
  • There is no global ranking.
  • There is no standard server interface.
  • The promised game modes like team deathmatch are more limited.
  • Fewer land/air vehicle types.
  • No small transportation vehicles like ATVs or motorcycles.
  • Fewer weapon options.
  • They do not have any mobility abilities such as manual bending, climbing a high wall, diving while swimming.
  • UI optimization options or control options are scarce, widescreen monitor support is limited, consoles have issues with aim assist.
  • Communication with the medic is difficult in order to recover the shot teammate.

And apart from these, he listed dozens of complaints.

Some of these things seen as missing may actually be features.

It’s definitely worth noting that “missing” these features doesn’t mean they’re really missing. These may have been chosen in terms of conscious choices and the flow of the game. The sequels are known for not taking all the features of the old games of the series. Sometimes this may be caused by budgetary constraints, and sometimes the developers may choose not to add the game according to a certain program or simply for creative reasons with the “less is better” view. The lack of them may not make the game “worse”, and a game where every feature is piled up doesn’t have to be “better” either.

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However, this list is very valuable as it reminds us that Battlefield 2042 is much different from the previous games in the series.

This is the part we’ve compiled, a ‘tasting’ little part of the list. However, the list became one of the most voted posts in recent history on the Battlefield 2042 section of Reddit, and many people shared their complaints on this subreddit.

A user named MultimediaCarl also shared the view, “I must admit, I enjoyed the game for about 10 hours. However, these shortcomings started to become noticeable over time and my enjoyment began to decline rapidly.”

A user named KaineZilla also commented, “One of my favorite features of BF4 was that assists counted as kills. It was the first game I noticed, and it felt really good. It was a pretty good feature for folks like me who had a hard time cleaning.”

“The Portal is really a life saver, but it’s a shame that we have to rely so much on user-generated content for many parts of the main game that are left idle. Portal may not be able to maintain this for very long,” wrote Jellyswim, a name who enjoys the Portal content developed by users instead of the main game modes.

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