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Sonic co-creator, indie game developer after Balan Wonderworld

Yuji Naka, co-creator of Sonic the Hedgehog, has stepped into the world of indie games after this year’s disappointing release of Balan Wonderworld.

Before announcing that he was working on a small indie mobile game developed using Unity, Naka shared a tweet thanking his fans for their birthday wishes.

“I’ve recently started learning to reprogram and I’m working on a simple game for smartphones with Unity. I hope you can play the game when it’s available,” Naka wrote on social media.

Naka left his role at Square Enix last April, shortly after the studio’s unsatisfactory release of Balan Wonderworld. With Naka himself as the director, the play received overwhelmingly negative reviews from critics and fans. Naka previously told MRT that Balan Wonderworld’s “to make a platform game”his only chance“He said it was.

Naka announced in June that he would not yet give an explanation to his fans about the reasons behind his departure from Square Enix, but that he will share details about it one day. The famous Sonic producer also stated that he had a dream of retirement at the age of 55. It remains unclear whether Naka’s departure was his decision or Square Enix’s.

Jared Moore is a freelance writer at MRT.

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