Sonic Colors Ultimate on Switch: SEGA investigates graphics glitches and targets emulators

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The premiere of Sonic Colors Ultimate on Nintendo Switch has come with graphical problems of all kinds. TO SEGA they have taken out the colors with a multitude of videos and comparisons between versions. Now, Katie Chrzanowski, the community manager for the Sonic brand, has posted on her Twitter account that the development studio is already investigating what happened and working on a future update. At the same time, it points to emulators as the cause of some bugs, despite the fact that affected Switch users have also raised their voices.

“Hi everyone! We appreciate all of your feedback with Sonic Colors Ultimate. Teams are listening and assessing the situation for a next patch. Thank you all for your patience while we investigate it, ”he wrote.

Shortly after, in a second tweet, he added the following: “We have discovered that some graphical problems were caused by an emulator, which is unfortunately out of our control. We are trying to find out which bugs are legitimate so that we can reduce the duration of the QA process ”. The company has asked affected users to go to the page Customer Support of SEGA.

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Slow uploads and lag of physical edits

In addition to visual errors, Nintendo Switch users have complained of excessively slow load times, as they are not only longer than in the rest of the current systems, but even the original Wii version loads faster.

We must also add another additional problem: the game was planned in both digital and physical format, but the boxed version has been delayed indefinitely due to some logistical issue. In this way, it is currently only available through digital stores. “Because unexpected logistical problems, all editions in physical format, including the standard and the Keyring Edition will be delayed in all territories, excluding Australia and New Zealand ”, they commented in the official statement.

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Sonic Colours Ultimate está disponible en PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X, Xbox Series S y PC.

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