Sonic Colors: Ultimate players report a multitude of problems on Nintendo Switch

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It has recently hit stores Sonic Colours: Ultimate, the remastered version of one of the best installments of the hedgehog in recent years, and while its version for PS4 and Xbox One, which we already analyzed, does not present problems, it is not like that in the version for Nintendo Switch. Thus, the delay of its version in physical format adds a new problem such as a huge amount of bugs and glitches in its port for the Nintendo hybrid, as reported by the players.

This is clear from the multitude of small clips that have appeared these days on social networks, full of bugs that the Nintendo Switch version of Sonic Colors Ultimate presents. In addition, as can be seen in a comparison video between versions published on Nintendo Everything, the game runs at a frame rate of 30 frames per second on Nintendo Switch, as in its original version for Wii, while in the rest of the platforms it does so at 60 fps.

More problems for this version

It is not the only section where the version for the Nintendo console goes wrong. It is in relation to the loading times where we discover more problems for this port, since while in its version for PS4 they are located in just two seconds, this figure rises to almost 17 -16’9 specifically- in the case of Nintendo Switch, for just over five seconds in its original installment for Wii. This when we talk about the first level, if we do the second, the figures would be in 2 seconds again for PS4, 4 for Wii, and 11 for Nintendo Switch.

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What’s more, Blind Squirrel Games, responsible for the game – and also for the fantastic compilation Mass Effect Legendary Edition – have used an engine open source, Godot Engine, without mentioning the credits, something they promise to solve. “We are very sorry for this and we are committed to giving credit to all the technology we use,” they said on Twitter. “Despite all the times the credits were checked, this was somehow overlooked. We will release an upcoming patch to fix this issue.”

Sonic Colors: Ultimate is available now on PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and PC.

Source: Eurogamer/Nintendo Everything


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