Sonic Colors: Ultimate updates on Nintendo Switch (patch 1.0.4) and fixes bugs

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SEGA has published the patch 1.0.4 de Sonic Colours: Ultimate para Nintendo Switch. After the problems reported by players with this port of the Sonic Team video game by Blind Squirrel Entertainment, which was plagued with bugs and errors that hindered the enjoyment of game sessions, the Japanese company has released this update after investigating the situation to solve errors of all kinds. Title holders can now download the patch.

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Sonic Colors: Ultimate, the return to one of the most celebrated 3D installments

“This is the first of several patches (for all platforms) that will be arriving in the immediate future,” warns the official Sonic the Hedgehog Twitter account. The version with the greatest room for improvement is, however, the Nintendo Switch. Media like Kotaku or YouTube channel JustLemres They showed last week some of the most common errors of this port; that among glitches and bugs there was one especially remarkable and extremely important, such as the possibility of suffering from neurological disorders related to epilepsy.

The presence of specific colors and lights at very high speeds caused dizziness in some users; something similar to what happened in one of the final phases of Balan Wonderworld, which was fixed with a patch. This time, fortunately for Sonic Colors: Ultimate buyers looking to recall one of SEGA’s best-remembered 3D installments of the blue hedgehog, this problem has apparently been solved.

In the video that we leave attached to this news we can see that, indeed, some of the problems exposed are now solved. It is important to download the patch. When in doubt, just go to the game icon in the Nintendo Switch menu, click on To update and check that we have version 1.0.4 applied.

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Sonic Colors: Ultimate is available now for PS4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch in both physical and digital formats.

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