Sonic Colors Ultimate with Baby Sonic keychain – the perfect gift for hedgehog fans this Christmas

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Sonic Colours Ultimate, the latest adventure for Sonic, Tails and company, arrives just in time to celebrate in style the 30th anniversary Sega’s hedgehog, a very special date for fans who can now enjoy even more with the most special edition of the remastering of Sonic Colors. And it is that Sonic Colors Ultimate finally reaches the stores in physical format accompanied by a gift that will become an object of desire for fans of the adventures of Sonic: a wonderful baby sonic keychain. And all this for just 39,99 euros, a perfect edition as a Christmas gift.

A tribute to the 30th anniversary of Sonic

And it is that the 30th anniversary of the famous Sega blue hedgehog is one of the most anticipated dates by fans of the character, both those who have grown up with him and new players who are discovering his best video games. And Sonic Colors Ultimate represents everything we expect from the best Sonic; frenzied levels to go at full speed, challenges that will shoot your adrenaline and impossible maneuvers through the most dangerous obstacles and traps. All this has made Sonic Colors be considered one of the best Sonic of recent times and deserving of a remastering to match to celebrate the three decades since its emergence in the world of video games.

Thus the wicked Dr. Eggman has built a large interstellar amusement park full of colorful attractions, although its operation is only possible thanks to some aliens called wisps and that the villain holds captive. It’s time for Sonic to launch into space for one of his most exciting adventures to unleash the wisps and discover their amazing powers across six different worlds, each with dangerous enemies and challenges to overcome.

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And it is that the novelties at the gameplay level are many. So much so, that Sonic will be able to take advantage of the alien power Use the wisps to defeat enemies in your path and discover all the secrets of Dr. Eggman’s interstellar amusement park. Sonic will even be able to traverse solid objects and discover new alternate paths thanks to the Jade Ghost Wisp. Although one of the greatest challenges of the game will come from the hand of Metal Sonic, which we must beat to break unattainable records and achieve great rewards.

Sonic Colors Ultimate is available on PC, PS4, Xbox One and Switch and is compatible with new generation consoles, that is, PS5 and Xbox Series, versions that offer visual improvements such as 4K enhanced graphics, a performance of 60 frames per second, more refined controls and many other improvements at the gameplay level.

Don’t miss the opportunity to get one of the fantastic physical editions of Sonic Colors Ultimate that includes an adorable baby sonic keychain, for only 39,99 euros, a perfect Christmas gift for both Sonic fans and those who want to enjoy a fun and frenetic platform video game. A classic Sonic with the latest technology.


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