Sonic Colors Wii vs Sonic Colors Ultimate; comparativa gráfica en video

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Sonic Colors Wii vs Sonic Colors Ultimate; comparativa gráfica en video

Sonic Colors Ultimate is a reality and this will come September 7th to consoles and PC. After passing through Wii in 2010, what is one of the three-dimensional Sonic titles most applauded by users is back with a graphic update from top to bottom; with the possibility of even playing in 4K, added to improvements in the controll and the gameplay. Since GameXplain we can see a comparative video which puts the original Wii version face-to-face with the footage seen in the remaster’s presentation trailer.

This is how Sonic Colors Ultimate has improved compared to the Wii original

As we can see in the video, high definition plays very much in favor of a title where color and lighting played such a prominent role. The scenarios, the impact of light on the character’s body or the visual effects will win many integers in Sonic Colors Ultimate; added to new reflections and details in the textures, reconstructed in more detail for the occasion. The shadows, sparks and effects in the movement of the stage are now equally more careful and smooth.

Sonic Colors Ultimate It will hit stores in physical (consoles) and digital format this September 7, 2021 at a reduced price for PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch and PC via the Epic Games Store. We will have several editions at our disposal.

Sonic is back in style: new Sonic Team game in 2022

The Sonic Central event held on May 27 has left us with a multitude of announcements that you can consult in detail here. There is one that stands out in its own light, however: the new Sonic Team game for 2022. The core team, in charge of the latest three-dimensional iterations of the blue hedgehog, is at work with “a new adventure with a new flagship title”. These are the people in charge of Sonic Generations and Sonic Forces. Apparently, it will be a more mature game, but we will have to wait for more details.

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