“Sons of Renowned Hairdresser Lluís Llongueras Heartbroken During Final Goodbye”

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The world of fashion and beauty mourns the loss of one of its most iconic figures. Lluís Llongueras, the popular hairdresser who established his own business in Barcelona in 1958, passed away on May 29 at the age of 87 due to throat cancer.

Llongueras made a lasting impact on the hairdressing industry, expanding his business to various cities around the world by 1963. His creative talent led to his work being featured in leading fashion magazines, making him a beloved figure among style icons and influencers.

His children were devastated by the loss of their father and gathered at the Sarrià-Sant Gervasi funeral home to pay their last respects. The mourning was particularly difficult for Adrià and Antoni, Llongueras’ children from his second marriage to Jocelyne Novella.

Adrià, who is a father himself, found it hard to stay composed during the parting. He eventually broke down and hugged a friend to ease his pain. Antoni was equally distraught, his face reflecting great sadness.

Aside from his successful career in hairdressing, Llongueras was also passionate about art. He achieved great reception with his canvases and sculptures, which he exhibited in galleries such as the Protocol Gallery of Queen Sofía.

His legacy lives on as a beacon of creativity, effort, and deep roots in his country. Artur Mas, the former president of the Generalitat, attended Llongueras’ funeral chapel and spoke highly of the hairdresser’s affection and sentiment towards Catalonia.

Llongueras had six children in total, three from his first marriage to Lolita Poveda – Esther, Cristina, and Adam – and three from his second marriage to Jocelyne Novella – Adrià, Antoni, and Yasmin. Cristina tragically passed away in a car accident, and Esther and Adam had a two-year legal battle for his company after firing him through a burofax. Despite these challenges, Llongueras continued to inspire and create, leaving his mark on the world of beauty and beyond.

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