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“Sonsoles Ónega’s Heartwarming Live Message to the Beloved Members of ‘Sálvame'”

June 23: A Sad Day for Sálvame Viewers

June 23 will be remembered as a sad day for all Sálvame viewers since they have experienced the most emotional program in history.

Netflix Confirms New Format

Terelu Campos, María Patiño, Adela González, and all the space collaborators have said goodbye to the audience that has accompanied them during these fourteen years in tears, but the truth is that Netflix has already confirmed that eight of its collaborators will continue on the platform in a new format.

Sonsoles Ónega’s Emotional Statements

Many well-known faces have spoken about the end of Sálvame, but the truth is that Sonsoles Ónega’s statements this Friday since their program on Antena 3 they have been most emotional. The presenter has shown her professionalism and empathy for her colleagues and has sent them a warm greeting: “We are leaving to return on Monday with the same desire as always. Remember that the weekend is coming, so books and good TV. The curtain is lowered on a great program forever. Good luck, guys”.

Netflix Continues with Sálvame

Sonsoles, who has belonged to Telecinco for many years, a year ago decided to start a new stage with Y ahora Sonsoles, a program that has competed for months with Sálvame by being broadcast in the same time slot. And although she has always been characterized by not showing the relationship she has with her former colleagues, she wanted to have this very affectionate gesture and wish them luck in this new beginning.

Sonsoles Ónega’s New Stage

Somehow, for her and all her team, also begins a new stage. In recent weeks, her program has even undergone a time change to coincide with that of Mediaset. But now, she will no longer have her strongest competitor. Starting next Monday, she will directly face Así es la vida, the new magazine presented by Sandra Barneda. Already in September, it will be Ana Rosa Quintana who will occupy the afternoon slot with her new program TardeAR.

The Farewell Messages

Who also wanted to send a message to those who were his companions for many years have been Carlota Corredera. Through her social networks, the one who shared the position of presenter with Paz Padilla and Jorge Javier Vázquez published the following: “My head and my heart are with you, say goodbye to the program as it deserves, as you deserve, your talent will continue dazzling wherever you go, you have made television history in Spain, no one can erase us or turn off your shine, I love you, always on your team.”

Other farewell messages were also shared by Claudia Corredera, María Patiño, and Terelu Campos.

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