Sony capitalizes on Spider-Man’s popularity in its universe of heroes

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A few years ago Sony confirmed that he would begin to produce films of the superhero genre with the characters closest to Spider-Man. Sure, the studio owns the rights to Spidey and everything around the arachnid. That’s why we could already see Venom and we are waiting for movies like Morbius O Kraven The Hunter. Back then, the production company christened their project as Sony Pictures Universe of Marvel Characters.

The truth is Sony came to an agreement with Marvel and by contract the “friendly neighbor” you have yet to continue participating in the MCU, where he gained great popularity thanks to the role of Tom Holland. So much so, that the trailer for the third installment of the franchise, Spider-Man: No Way Home, became one of the most anticipated advances in the seventh art.

Will Spidey empower Sony’s Universe of Heroes?

The executives of Sony They are intelligent and have the ability to develop marketing strategies according to the current market. In that sense, Holland’s success can be used by the production company. The first step in that direction was to rename the franchise as Sony’s Spider-Man Universe. The news came within the framework of the CinemaCon, where they were hosted by important studio executives.

How will the hero’s story continue? It is still unclear whether the SSU will be connected with the MCU. The truth is that in the advance of Morbius we could see Michel keaton taking up the role of Adrian Toomes, villain in the first installment of Spidey at Marvel Cinematic Universe. Do the production companies have a surprise in store for us?

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Spider-Man: No Way Home It will deal with the multiverse and how different versions of alternative characters can face each other in the same reality. Perhaps, in that context, the Spidey Holland can traverse realities and meet the Venom de Tom Hardy or the Morbius de Jared Leto. The idea of Sony is that the arachnid at some point enhances its franchise.

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