Sony creates sensors to move real-time movements to the metaverse

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The Japanese technology multinational Sony (TYO:6758) announced Tuesday the launch next year of a kit of small motion sensors to translate real-time human movements to an avatar in the metaverse.

The devices, which will be marketed in Japan at the end of January 2023, are called “mocopi” and consists of six circular devices of just over 3 centimeters in diameter and a weight of 8 grams each designed to facilitate the capture of movement in real time for live translation to virtual reality (VR).

Two of the sensors are for the wrists, two for the ankles, one for the head and one for the waist.

The kit is compatible with VRChat services and is especially aimed at VTubers and the creation of avatar videos on smartphones, although its versatility “facilitates the development of new services in areas of the metaverse and fitness,” the company said in a statement.

The sensors are compatible in principle with the company’s own Xperia models and Apple iPhones (NASDAQ:AAPL), with a majority presence in the Japanese mobile phone market.

Sony also said that starting Dec. 15 it will provide developer kits to explore potential applications of “mocopi” in the metaverse and other software linked to three-dimensional (3D) products, and that it is looking to expand collaborations with third-party companies for deployment.

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