Sony reveals it’s working on 8K VR glasses prototype

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Sony group revealed an 8K VR headset prototype as part of Sony’s Technology Day event on Monday. Sony says these new VR glasses will feature significantly increased visual information accuracy, lower latency and OLED micro displays.

You can browse the gallery below to review the 8K VR glasses introduced by Sony, or Sony’s video here you can watch.

One of the biggest features of this VR headset will be its increased graphical accuracy. Sony R&D engineers Yasuko Ishihara and Kei Kimura shared with viewers how much more detailed graphics would look on the glasses in a VR environment of 8K, such as seeing the finely detailed leather on a luxury car seat.

Lower latency means data is sent to each screen in less than 0.01 seconds. This allows your PC/HMD to provide a smoother and more realistic sense of movement rather than the artificial drag that can occur when struggling to keep up with VR.

Judging by the cables and handles in the middle, the glasses still seem to be in the prototype stages. also According to the news of UploadVRthese glasses With the PS5 PSVR glasses expected to be released in 2022 It won’t be remotely relevant. During their presentations, Ishihara and Kimura announced that the prototype 8K glasses could be used in the engineering, medical and entertainment industries, among other services.

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