Sony sends three planes packed with PS5s to the UK for Christmas: all set

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Sony Interactive Entertainment has prepared three Boeing 747 aircraft from Seoul, South Korea, bound for the UK with almost 50 pallets made up of PS5 units. As reported by the newspaper The Sun (via VGC), the Japanese firm wants to anticipate the possible episodes of lack of supply that we have already seen throughout the year; and compromising the distribution of its new console in the main market in Europe does not go through its plans.

Aware that the lack of stock will last throughout 2022 due to the crisis of semiconductor materials, which Intel estimates even until 2023, the Japanese firm, with Hiroki Totoki in charge of finance director has started what they call sources consulted by the source as a “extraordinary operation”For the Christmas campaign, which will kick off at the end of this month of November with Black Friday.

Sony wants there to be as many PS5s as there are customers willing to get one. On SpainUntil further notice, all units sold by businesses will be exclusively by reservation and always online, so the possibility of seeing units located on store shelves is not foreseen until well into 2022.

PS5 already generates profits; 13.4 million units sold to date

Sony stopped selling at a loss last August; This means that the firm generates profits with each sale. However, the rising cost of the transport and shipments of the console are hampering the profitability of the product. However, Sonyh intends to increase the frequency of spending of its users; either through the sale of video games or subscriptions, microtransactions or downloadable paid content. During the last quarter, 62% of its titles were sold under the digital format; 3% more than a year ago.

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As of September 30, PS5 has sold 13.4 million units worldwide, on par with what was achieved by PS4 in its first year. Exceeding the distribution targets for 2022 will strictly depend on production capacity, as demand is currently skyrocketing and supply is still scarce.

Source | The Sun; via VGC


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